How do I make a reservation?

  • If you HAVE NOT been to The Barkmore before then you will need to create an account through our website at and click the button “Book Now”. Once here, click “I’m new to the Barkmore”. Once you create your account, call us to schedule a Meet and Greet for your pup. For more information on what a Meet & Greet is Click Here. We do not require meet and greets for Cats. The Barkmore requires a Meet & Greet prior to ANY service.
  • If you HAVE been to The Barkmore before then you can log into your account on and click the button “Book Now”. Once here, click “I’m a returning customer”. From here log into your account and schedule your reservation.

Does The Barkmore accept pets who are not spayed or neutered?

  • All dogs/cats must be spayed or neutered after 1 year of age in order to participate in daycare and boarding. The Barkmore does not accept any female pets in heat.

What Vaccinations does my pet need to stay with The Barkmore?

Please have your veterinarian email the vaccination records to us or bring in a proof of current vaccinations upon arrival.

  • Vaccination Requirements (administration by a veterinarian required):
    • DOGS: Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, & Canine Influenza
    • CATS: Rabies & FVRCP

You can also click here to view our Vaccine requirements.

What is the minimum age for boarding my pet?

  • Puppies/Kittens must be 16 weeks old and be finished with their “adult” vaccinations.

Can I take a tour of The Barkmore?

  • Yes, we encourage you to tour our facility prior to your boarding reservation, in order to make sure you are comfortable with leaving your pet here.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • For Boarding: We realize plans do change and wish to accommodate all of our guest’s need. We require a cancellation within 7 days of the scheduled arrival date for non-peak periods and 14 days for peak periods, failure to not cancel will result in a forfeited deposit. Refer to our Barkmore Calendar for our peak periods.
  • For Daycare: We require a cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled daycare day, failure to do so will result in a $15 late cancellation fee.

What are your check-out and check-in times?

  • Boarding pets may be checked-in and out at any time during normal operating hours. Boarding is charged by the night. Therefore, If pets are not picked up before 5pm you may be charged an additional night of boarding.
  • Daycare pets may be checked-in at any time during operating hours but if not picked up before noon then they will be charged a full-day of daycare.

Does The Barkmore have any boarding/daycare restrictions?

  • The Barkmore requires a reservation for ALL boarding or daycare guests.
  • All daycare guests must have Meet & Greet session before being allowed into daycare.
  • For the safety of your pet and other guests, we do not accept intact pets over a year old, female pets in heat, pets that have been coughing within the last week, pets that have open wounds or stitches, pets that are recovering from surgery, pets that have contagious diseases, or pets who are people-aggressive.

Do you have someone at The Barkmore 24 hours a day?

  • We do not have staff members on site overnight. Our team members are on site in the early morning to feed, walk, check on and do activities with the pets every day, (regardless of our publish customer walk-in hours) and do not leave until all the pets have been fed, medicated, and let out for their evening activities.
  • Our facility is also monitored with emergency response systems for heating, cooling, smoke, fire, and security 24-hours a day. The Barkmore has security monitoring cameras throughout the inside and outside of The Barkmore.

Does The Barkmore offer a 24-hour pick-up & drop off?

  • The Barkmore has five 24-hour pick-up & drop-off rooms available for our boarding guests whose owners would like to drop-off/pick-up their pet outside of regular business hours. It is an additional fee. Click here to learn more!

Does The Barkmore offer webcam services?

  • Yes, The Barkmore offers public webcams in our play areas so you can peak in on your pet’s vacation. The Barkmore will also offer webcams in our 4 luxury boarding suites.


It’s my first time bringing my dog to daycare, what can I expect?

  • If this is your first time visiting us for dog daycare, your dog will be required to have a complimentary Meet & Greet session with out staff (refer to our Meet & Greet tab).
  • Based on your dog’s temperament and personality, our staff will recommend the best possible daycare program for them.

How are dogs divided into play groups?

  • Dogs are grouped based on play style, age, and size, allowing tailored interactions.

Are the dogs supervised during group play?

  • The Barkmore provides an engaging day of socialization for your pup in our well-supervised indoor and outdoor play yards. Our controlled environment ensures safety, with pet care specialists overseeing the fun at all times.


It’s my first time boarding at The Barkmore, what can I expect?

  • As a first-time client, we will verify the following with you at check in:
    • Feeding Instructions
    • Medications (if applicable)
    • Personal Items brought in
    • Behavioral Accommodations
    • Medical Conditions
    • Agreements have been acknowledged
    • Re-verify that vaccinations are current
  • You are encouraged to complete the online check in form when making a reservation in order to make your in-person check-in processes faster.

What should I pack for my pet if they are boarding?

  • Meals: We recommend all pets arrive with their own personal food in order to maintain their normal diet. However, we can provide a premium house food for an additional fee.
    • We would be happy to give your dog treats, although NO rawhides or similar type of treats are allowed due to choking hazards.
  • Belongings: We provide guests with a Kuranda bed and soft blankets to make them comfortable during their stay at no additional charge. You are welcome to bring a blanket or small bed with your pet although, we ask you to refrain from bringing any large beds.
  • Medications: Refer to the question below, Will you administer medication to my pet at The Barkmore?

Will you administer medication to my pet at The Barkmore?

  • Yes, we do have specific requirements for medication though.
    • All medications MUST be in their original prescription or over the counter bottle with the correct dosage instructions or they will not be accepted.
    • The Barkmore will administer up to three medications a day for a $2/day charge. Anything over three medications will be a $4/day charge.
    • Pill organizers will also NOT be accepted.
    • We can administer injectable medication although, there is an additional fee for injections of $3/day

Can I call The Barkmore to check on my pet while they are boarding?

  • As pet lovers ourselves, we know how hard it is to leave your pet behind. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to check in on your pet.

Can my dogs stay together?

  • Yes, same family pets may stay together. There is a 10% discounted rate for pets sharing the same suite.


Does The Barkmore offer full grooming?

  • As of now The Barkmore does not offer full grooming. We do offer basic spa services such as baths, nail trims, anal gland expressions, and more. Check out our Spa services for more details.