Planning on leaving at 3 am for a trip but have nowhere to drop off your pet? Or Are you coming home from a trip, but won’t be back before the business closes?

Then check out our 24-hour Drop-off/Pick-up area!

Our 24-hours area is available for guests who need to drop-off/pick-up their pet outside of normal business hours. Each room is 3ft x 4ft and used as a temporary housing area for your pet.

The rooms are heavily secured consisting of access control keypads to get into the area. There are surveillance cameras inside and outside the area and also inside each pet’s temporary holding room, therefore making the area as secure as possible.

24 Hour Area

How does it work?

Clients will request the 24-hour area during normal operation hours, for an additional fee, when filling out your boarding reservation request. Once approved, The Barkmore will email you instructions on the procedure for the 24-hour area.

The instructions will include:

  • An access code allowing you into the 24-hour area.
  • The code given works for a limited amount of time.
  • The same access code allows you to open your pet’s assigned room and ONLY your pets room.
  • The room numbers correlate to a cabinet number which is where you will place your pet’s belongings.
  • A kuranda bed, plush blanket, & a bowl of water will be available in each room.

If you are dropping off…

  • We will remove your pet from their 24-hour room as soon as we arrive and place them inside their assigned boarding room/suite.

If you are picking up…

  • We require full payment of the bill before we will place pets in the 24-hour room to be picked up. We will then place the pet into their assigned 24-hour room, 30 mins to an hour prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

There is limited availability within the 24-hour area, therefore it is first come, first serve. We cannot wait to make dropping off/picking up easier on our clients.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us!