The Barkmore Dog Daycare

The Barkmore offers a fun filled day of socialization in our indoor/outdoor play yards. Daycare will be in a controlled environment while under the supervision of our canine handlers at all times. Dogs will be divided into specialized play groups based on their play style, age, and size. Our indoor play yard features a rubber flooring that will allow added traction, joint protection, and comfort for our guests. The outdoor play yard will consist of natural shade and real grass. Both of our play yards will be equipped with dog safe enrichment toys, pools, sprinklers, and more.

All dogs that participate in daycare must demonstrate adequate social skills and the ability to play safely by completing our Meet & Greet temperament assessment.

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1 Session

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

Half Day


Full Day

$25 / day

$23 / day

$20 / day

1 Session

Half Day – $20

Full Day – $25/day

5 Sessions

Half Day – Not Available

Full Day – $23/day

10 Sessions

Half Day – Not Available

Full Day – $20 / day

What Does A Typical Day At Day Care Look Like?


Check-In @ 8 a.m.

Upon Arrival, you and your dog are greeted by staff. If you’re new to daycare, you’ll have a Meet and Greet session first to make sure your pup is a good fit for us (and vice versa).


Group Play Time

Your dog joins the fun with other daycare pups and canine handlers to our indoor/outdoor play areas for group activity.


Nap Time

After group play time, the dogs can relax and take a mid-day snooze to get ready for more afternoon play. If your pet is only staying half the day, this would be their pick up time.


MORE Play Time

In the afternoons, the dogs go for round 2 of activities- running around, playing fetch, or getting a good belly rub.



We want your dog to love their visit with us at The Barkmore, so make sure your dog gets a refreshing bath, private walk time, or even one of our gourmet treats on our add-on menu.



All fun days must come to an end. When you arrive to pick-up our staff will fill you in on their day.

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